Kassia | Candles
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How our candles are made

Unlike most candles available commercially, our artisanal products are made with ardour using time honoured traditional techniques and tools of candle making in the heart of Europe by master artisans using nothing but the purest form of sulphur free hydrocarbon material and finest ingredients, constituted through a cold moulding process. No two candles are the same, each finished with exquisite detailing by a human hand, right down to the painting and capillary wick.

Once lit, Kassia candles provide a perfect and dependable burn, emitting none of the usual acquainted contaminants such as unsightly stains and marks from soot particulates, residues or release of harmful gases. Our unique aromas come from the special dying mixture where by design, our fashioned perfumes are not absorbed by the oil, but into the carbon molecules to give that satisfying slow release of fragrance, allowing candle to breathe just we do.


Delight Someone You Love

Give your loved ones the gift of the radiant fragrance and glow that only comes from a Kassia candle; illuminate faces, homes and special occasions to striking effect with great selections from the Kassia candles range.

Despite the ready conveniences of modern life, we always find a special place for the candle. Long revered as a gift, they add spice and romance to a special meal, complement the majesty of an engagement proposal and add a touch of delicate sophistication to weddings.

Used for times of quiet contemplation, whether in the home for those times when we need to be alone with our thoughts, or with music to draw upon particular memories, Kassia candles provide a simple and effortlessly way transport us to our chosen realm. Even when returning home after a long hard day at work and the daily grind of the commute that is part of modern living, there is simply nothing better than a long hot soak in scented candlelight that makes bath time so special, shedding the day’s burden and drifting with no set destination.

From spas to boutiques, gardens to drawing rooms, a Kassia candle is the most absolutely perfect complementary ornament transitory medium to provide that touch de plaisir, wherever you may be.


Corporate & Bespoke

Why not depart from the standard fare of dependable, unimaginative and frankly humdrum company gifts when it is so easy to make a memorable impact with Kassia candles corporate and bespoke creations?

Alternative, beautiful, memorable, fragrant, imaginative and worth owning, gifted Kassia candles personalised with your own brand and thoughts would be the perfect choice and creates a fabulous range of positive and long lasting memories associated with your brand. Each and every time a candle is lit, the fragrance will be released stimulating the senses and evoking good will and great memories at a stroke, regardless of location or time.

Kassia’s Corporate Team are ready to work hand in glove with you to help you make those lasting impressions.