Kassia | Our Story
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Welcome to

The World of Kassia

‘Kassia’ – an inspiration from the Arabic ‘Kasra’; meaning ‘break’.
Kassia prides itself on the excellence and purity of our luxury artisanal candles, made by masters of the trade. It is our homage to the scents from the Orient of old, a time and a place so different from our own, long before the frequent distractions and disruptions of the modern world, a place of purer, more simple and honest origins of existence that only now exists in history books.

Driven through the fusion of creative collaboration, inspiration from nature and the passion of our talented handpicked young European and Middle Eastern designers, Kassia is dedicated to creating bringing you an entirely new sensory journey.

This is just the beginning of our story. We take our passion beyond the immediate senses of vision, touch and smell, to another plane of physical experience, capturing and savouring those special moments that can sustained and re-lived with each candle, bringing also a long lost opulence in to your home to share and enjoy with others, and sometimes best by yourself. With Kassia, we share our values of excellence passion, innovation and simplicity through our candles to guarantee you an unmatched luxury experience.